Information and knowledge are paramount for any successful endeavor. And like many successful endeavors, the key ingredient to their success is not always rocket science from decades of R&D or the efforts of robust think-tanks.

Analytics does not begin with determining what information can be gathered, and then gathering it, and seeing what correlations or forecasting that can be derived with it.

Analytics starts with the end in mind – what are we trying to determine? How will something succeed? When will the bubble burst? And these questions or objectives are typically not the direct analytic formula for determining the answer. Usually, multiple data sets with multiple answers, are combined directly or through proxy, to derive forecasted outcomes or trends. All of which are relative to the infinite amount of variables, data sets, and unknowns that will affect the future but can not be controlled, sometimes undetected, until history and the aftermath become hindsight.

At ACG, we believe and invest heavily in Analytics. Analytics support the knowledge of trends, correlated / uncorrelated relationships, momentums, equilibrium, imbalance, bubbles, expansions, contractions, compliments, substitutes, positive or negative externalities, and numerous others. Our Analytics team is lead by engineers, mathematicians, economists, and scientists. Examples outlined below are a few of the tools or methods used by our team.

  • GIS
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Econometrics
  • Hedonic modeling
  • Correlative Studies
  • Relative Ratios & Relative Long-Term equilibrium comparable ratios

Great companies are led by great leaders and organizations, that create or manage great products or projects, of which are founded on superior technical capabilities. For market and capital based investments, analytics are the key.