ACG continuously reviews deals and studies markets in search of great investment opportunities. We carefully select the best opportunities relative to a broad spectrum of deals and markets based on a thorough technical analysis and due diligence process. Our primary areas of focus are in Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Technology, and Infrastructure, but we are always exploring for the next undervalued market.

Below are the primary markets that ACG focuses its attention on:

Real Estate Development

The original core competency of ACG’s leadership is real estate development, dating back to the 1970s. We evaluate development projects based on the analytics, looking first at the macroeconomics of the project. Our real estate team has decades of experience in engineering, construction, banking and lending, brokerage, and management of the real estate development process.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals

ACG and its partners have been involved in the oil and gas industry for decades, from investing in producing wells to drilling projects and oilfield service companies. As in any market, the Oil & Gas market experiences booms and busts. However, our experienced Oil & Gas team members can find lucrative opportunities at any point in the cycle.

Real Estate Holdings

ACG seeks undervalued real estate holdings that yield a strong net operating income and have significant potential upside. We evaluate assets based on purchase price, appreciation, and market upswing potential.

Technologies / Infrastructure

ACG has a significant focus for projects and emerging technologies ranging from power generation, pipelines, metals and mining, telecommunications, water and wastewater treatment, transportation, government contracting, and infrastructure operations or construction.

Market Locations

ACG is primarily focused in the United States and Mexico, but is involved in other opportunities or projects beyond North America.

Developed & Emerging Markets

 North America
 Latin America
 Western Europe
  Eastern Europe
 S.E. Asia

Market volatility is seen by many as a glass that is half empty; however, we see the glass as half full and an opportunity to fill it. The volatility in the market is just a shift in equilibrium of supply and demand. The greater the shift, the greater the opportunity regardless of the direction, long or short. Once we have determined the best position to take, we aggressively execute the plan, project, and / or take-down.